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But using it between couples can sometimes lead to better sex in their relationship. This is certainly not true for all couples, especially those who have strong negative opinions about pornography. However, for most couples, adding a touch of porn can be a plus. (Men, of course, better maintain penis health, so that they are in better shape to handle the better sex that can produce!) Be selective. Not every X rated video would be appropriate for a couple to watch together and use to enhance their sexual relationship. Much depends on the personal preferences of the people involved. For example, a couple who enjoys bondage might appreciate some videos that may be a turn off for another couple. So, while each couple has their own preferences, here are two things to consider when choosing an exciting viewing experience. Male fantasies may not be female fantasies. Many guys really enjoy watching another guy get served by a room full of beautiful kids. They may feel aroused when taking shots of the penis descending on a woman's face. However, these may not be the same types of situations that women find pleasurable. Story and character may be important. While no one watches a porn video with a complex plot and insight into the character, many women prefer a movie in which there is at least an indication of the story and character. A video of nothing but couples having intercourse might spark interest in a less-than-one woman in which the woman and the man meet and reveal a little about themselves before falling into bed for an extended sexual gymnastics routine. How to use pornography Once they pick a movie and the couple starts watching it, how can they make the most of the experience? Engage, but do not indulge. This should be a participatory experience, so while watching is important, the guy needs to make sure he doesn't get so caught up in the video that he ignores his partner. Make eye contact with her during the movie, kiss and foreplay, etc. - He speaks. Pornography is not great art, so it is perfectly appropriate to talk with the partner during the experiment. Discussing what is being done and how excited the person is about what is going on is crucial. - Tradition. If a particular situation or activity is talking to a couple, they should definitely try it out while watching them — or if it's complicated, stow it away to practice later. - Create. A married couple doesn't have to stick to what a married couple does on screen. If they feel like they want to get involved in their own brand of sex, or if they start imitating the on-screen couple but go in a whole new direction, that's so much better! - Ignores. At some point, many couples get so busy with themselves that they forget about the video command. This is exactly what should happen. - Reflects. After that, it's good to think about the experience. What things in the video did each partner like and why? What kind of thoughts and ideas appeared while watching? What did each of them think of the activities they participated in while watching? .

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newsex newsexy

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